Spreadsheets & Tools

File & Folder Security Analysis

This spreadsheet tool will scan files and folders and generate a list of permissions for each file and folder scanned.  The list can be filtered and sorted to quickly analyze the security permissions.  Group permissions are clickable to immediately display which users are members of the group.

Technology Resource Planning

This spreadsheet tool will help you plan, budget, and allocate technology resources based on industry metrics.  Designed to be used jointly by technology professionals and managers to establish operating parameters by asking the right questions to the technology team and providing the answers the managers are looking for, and vice versa.

Connection String Update

This tool will scan a folder for Excel files and replace a database connection string in all linked queries.  Useful for when a server moves (e.g. to the cloud) and you need to change the connection information in all the spreadsheets linked to the database.

Lily for Excel

Enhances Excel with new features to create a powerful integration and reporting platform.