My services are best summarized as "System Analysis" and "Development".

Q: What is an integration?
  • When data flows between two apps without manual intervention it's called an integration.
  • If you use multiple apps in your company and you'd like them to share data but they don't, you need an integration.
Q: What's the big deal with doing an integration?
  • Most modern apps have a passive interface for accessing the data within it (called an API), but almost none actively send data to other apps.
    To put it another way all the apps are "listening" but none of them are "talking".
  • This makes sense for the software vendors who create business apps because their customers all use a different set of apps, so they create a API and leave it to their customers to do the integration.
  • However this leaves a gaping hole in the technology services industry because there are very few technology professionals who are both capable and willing do undertake such work.
  • And why would they?
    • Creating integrations between apps requires a broad range of both technology and business acumen. Anyone with such skills is highly sought after for other more glamorous work.
    • Integrations are unique, so each one must be created from scratch (no code re-use!), and they involve the tedium of reading (usually) poorly written API documentation.
    • And after all that they are not even a recurring revenue stream for the developer.
Q: So why do you do it?
  • Integrations are my specialty, I love doing them, and I'll talk all day about business productivity.
  • If you'd really like to understand more of the why, get in touch.
Q: What is development?
  • Specifically I provide Software Development, or the process of creating computer applications.
  • If you'd like to customize your apps, your website, or even your spreadsheets, you need software development.
Q: What do you create?
  • I mostly customize business apps to the needs of my clients.
  • Modern software development almost always builds upon existing apps because the fastest and most cost effective solution is to find an existing app that does most of what is needed and then add the required customizations.
Q: What are assessments?
  • An assessment is an evaluation of a process or system within a company, usually comparing it to industry benchmarks.
  • If you've ever thought "There's got to be a better way to do this!", you may want an assessment.
  • Assessments include detailed reports of finding, analysis, and a recommended action plan.
Q: What can you assess?
  • I assess all aspects of a company's IT systems including:
    • Hardware & Support
    • Internal & External Security
    • Software usage and integration
    • Reporting & Data integrity

Excel is a wonderful productivity tool, and I love helping my clients get more out of it.

Q: I'm awesome at Excel, what can you do for me?
First off, I'd like to meet you. I always love trading Excel tips and tricks.
Here's some common things I do with Excel:
  • Pull data out of an app and into a spreadsheet
  • Automatically sort, filter, clean, analyze, validate, and subtotal
  • Push data from the spreadsheet back into the app

Check out the spreadsheets page for some examples of my work and consider installing "Lily for Excel", an Excel add-in I develop that enables advanced integrations between Excel and other applications.



All services are available at an hourly rate of $135/hr.
I do not offer discounts or promotions. Why not?

Monthly retainer agreements are available for prioritization and planning (Retained work is prioritized higher).

Retainer work is billed hourly at the same rate, the key difference is that the time is committed and scheduled in advance.



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