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My services are best summarized as "System Analysis" and "Development".

I work as an independent contractor assisting my clients with information technology projects. A typical engagement will consist of analysis of a given problem, proposing solutions, and developing any required technical components.

I have clients in many industries, but I specialize in the construction industry.

Examples of completed projects:

  • Automating financial reports such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and Work in Progress
  • Automatic payroll processing by integrating payroll processing systems with time-keeping applications
  • Integrating business development, estimating, and purchasing systems, with automated material pricing
  • Building custom estimating programs
  • Building custom purchasing programs
  • Building custom websites and web applications integrated with financial, HR, and Job Costing systems
  • Building HR onboarding systems and integrating with accounting systems
  • Importing data from accounting systems into spreadsheets for reports and analysis
  • Automating spreadsheet tasks, such as transforming data prior to importing or uploading
  • Generating certified payroll reports and other compliance documents
  • Software selection
  • Hiring and evaluation of IT personnel

Most projects I work on involve some kind of integration. Here's an idea of what that entails.

Q: What is an integration?

  • When data flows between two apps without manual intervention it's called an integration.
  • If you use multiple apps in your company and you'd like them to share data but they don't, you need an integration.
  • Most modern apps have a passive interface for accessing the data within it (called an API), but few have a built in ability to actively send data to other apps.
  • This makes sense for the software vendors who create business apps because their customers all use a different set of apps, so they create an API and leave it to their customers to do the integration.

Q: How difficult is it to do an integration?

  • Creating integrations between apps requires a broad range of both technology and business acumen.
  • How difficult an integration is depends mainly on a two things:
    • How stable and well formed the business processes are.
    • The level of API support in the apps.

Q: Where would someone start?

  • Start by documenting and formalizing the business processes, make sure you can describe what data needs to move and where it needs to go in clear terms.
  • Research your software to find out what API support they offer.
    This is where I usually come in. If you're not sure if your apps can support it, I'll look into it with you.

Development, specifically Software Development, means to create computer based tools; whether full applications, small integrations, or spreadsheets.

I mostly customize business apps to the needs of my clients. Modern software development almost always builds upon existing apps because the fastest and most cost effective solution is usually to find an existing app that does most of what is needed and then add the required customization.

For those that are interested, here are some of the development languages that I've been using lately:

  • Typescript
  • Python
  • C#
  • SQL
  • VBA
  • VBScript
  • Bash

Here are some of my preferred platforms, frameworks, and libraries:

  • Node.js / Express.js
  • TailwindCSS / Bootstrap
  • Access
  • Excel
  • MS SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker

All services are available at an hourly rate of $135/hr.